Whether you are planting for cut flowers or simply to have a beautiful garden. You can find a wide selection of bulbous perrenial and bare root plants at Bolly Bulbs.

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Spikes of nodding, funnel-shaped white flowers with a burgundy splotch in the centre


Planting dwarf alliums in spring will bring superb colour to your borders in mid-summer.


The long stemmed poppy like flowers produce single or double flowers at a height of 20-30cm, depending on variety. Perfect for mass planting in border, flower beds or growing in patio pots and containers.


Add a touch of heat to your garden with some fiery crocosmia. Hardy enough to be left in the ground over winter, once planted they are maintenance free for years!


Cyclamen naturally bloom in the autumn, winter and spring when the weather turns cool and damp. 


There are shrinking violets and then there are dahlias, which are nothing if not flamboyant. Their flowers can range from dinnerplate size to petite pompoms.


There are few more magnificent bulbs for your summer and autumn garden than Eucomis. They look almost as good in seed as they do in full flower and so hold their own in the garden for a good three month stretch.


Perhaps the most fragrant of all flowers in our garden, freesia have been a tried and tested favourite for generations.


Gladiolus bulbs, also known as Gladioli, are one of the most popular summer flowering bulbs available in Britain. Grown for their exquisite semi-dwarf or tall spiky stems and funnel shaped flowers, they make superb cut flowers and are a must for summer flower arrangements.


Iris are guaranteed to produce a breath-taking show in borders or the larger Dutch Iris varieties can be used for cut flower arrangements.


Exotic members of the iris family, ixia produce brilliant blossoms with often dramatically contrasting spots and blotches.



One of the hardiest summer flowering peony shaped flowers, Ranunculus are a superb addition to any border, flower bed or patio container.


These bulbous perennials are native to South Africa but they are well suited to the British climate.


Also known as the Triplet Lily, the Triteleia Queen Fabiola is native to California where it grows wild. This said, it grows perfectly well in our British climate





English Bluebells - Hyacinthoides Non-scripta
Anemone - De Caen Collection
Anemone - Blanda Collection
Anemone - St Brigid Collection
Anemone De Caen - Hollandia