Piroska Red - Autumn or Spring Planting Onions

  • A popular red onion, reliably producing a heavy crop of long lasting, deep red coloured onions of excellent quality
  • Plant in Autumn for early summer harvest or spring for late summer harvest
  • Easy-to-grow, undemanding crop
  • Always provides good yields

Onions are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and require very little attention. In dry weather they do need to be watered. Lots of water occasionally rather than small amounts often is the best way to water onions. This will ensure they send out deep roots that will not dry out in dry weather.

Mark out your rows with a bamboo cane or string to keep them in a straight line. Every 10cm make a small hole in the soil with your finger and place an onion set into it. Plant your rows 30 cm apart. Gather some soil around the onion sets so that their tops appear just above the surface. Gently firm the soil down around the tops of the onions.

For the first few weeks birds and squirrels may be a problem for your onion sets, plucking them from the soil. A good way to avoid this is to spread some horticultural fleece over the soil surface and secure it some with soil or stones. Nets are also very effective. This cover can be removed after a month once the sets have sprouted.

Harvest around the beginning of July. The foliage will let you know when it is ready for harvest as it will wither and yellow. Lift the onions carefully with a fork, as so not to damage them.