There’s something pretty special about gnashing into freshly picked sweetcorn. Peeling back its fibrous sheath to reveal those beautiful yellow kernels is fantastic.

Throw it straight on the barbeque at the allotment for an instant reward or bring it home to the kitchen, boil and serve with lashings of butter.

If you fancy growing your own sweetcorn this year, you’re in good company.

Not sure what you're doing? Check out our simple growing guide here



Earlibird F1 - 35 Seeds / £2.50   One of the earliest super sweet varieties currently available

This is probably the best variety to grow in most UK situations, as it has early maturity, as well as superb taste and texture.

Earliking F1 - 35 Seeds / £2.50    Best for growing in exposed areas

This variety has a good reputation for sweetness and is a popular choice, especially in cooler areas.

Goldcrest F1 - 35 Seeds / £2.50    Safest choice for our British climate

If playing it safe is your thing, this is your choice. Not our best variety, but you are always guaranteed a decent crop which stores well.

Incredible F1 - 35 Seeds / £2.50    Good tolerance of common rust

A tall variety at 8ft high, it has excellent disease resistance.

Lark F1 - 35 Seeds / £2.50    Excellent cold resistance

Many varieties of Sweetcorn need to be grown in isolation but this variety has the benefit of being able to be grown alongside other varieties.


Minipop F1 - 35 Seeds / £2.50    Standard variety used for baby corn

It has a very tender pericarp which makes this an ideal variety for mini sweet corn

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