From simple boiled salad potatoes to fully loaded cheesey jackets, there are a thousand and one culinary uses for Britain's most loved vegetable.

So why not grow your own? It really couldn't be easier.

Your Easy Potato Planting Guide


Confused about the different types?

Potato Types Explained


Extra First Early 


A super-fast maturing variety

Best eaten as soon as they are lifted


Best known for their ability to produce the earliest crop of all potatoes

Make excellent new potatoes for boiling and salads


First Early

Arran Pilot

RHS AGM winner for their strong disease resistance

Provides good yields

Casablanca - Chip, bake or boil

A modern white-skinned, first early variety with good potential on the show bench

Great for small gardens due to the small sized plant

Pentland Javelin - Heavy cropper

RHS AGM winner for their ease to grow, shows a good resistance to scab

Provides heavy crops

Red Duke of York - Great for baked potatoes

Fast growing plant producing a heavy number of tubers. Leave to mature for big bold bakers

Second Early


One of the most popular salad potatoes in the UK

Will grow to 50% bigger than other salad types if allowed


Does exceptionally well in heavy soils making it one of the easiest varieties to grow

Large and consistent tubers

Maris Peer

Great for growing in containers

Harvest when small for perfect salad potatoes as they do not break up when boiled



In favourable conditions it is indisputably the highest yielding variety in the UK

Great for boiling, baking, frying and mashing


One the very best new potatoes for the amateur gardener. Has superb flavour when boiled.

The plant is of medium height and ideal for container or bag growing.

Early Maincrop

Maris Piper

It is the most commonly grown potato variety in the UK because it is has fantastic storage capabilities.

Used by almost every chip shop in the country - a great all rounder!



RHS AGM winner for its resistance to scab and drought

Can also be treated as an early maincrop if you need potatoes sooner

King Edward

It's not one of the most productive maincrop varieties but is one of the best tasting varieties of all time and it stores well

Introduced to the UK during 1902, still existing today is because of its excellent taste!

Picasso – Best for allotments

Picasso is a modern disease resistant that produces round to oval tubers with white smooth skins and pink eyes

This is now a popular potato seed variety for allotment growers due to its high disease resistance

Pink Fir Apple

Pink Fir Apple is one of the oldest maincrop varieties still in use today, loved for its long and knobbly appearance, buttery waxy texture and nutty ‘new potato’ flavour

Late Maincrop


Another allotment favourite, which is later to mature than other maincrops

Has excellent disease and drought resistance



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All potatoes listed are Union Grade E and certified disease free by our Scottish farmers.