What is the Difference Between Snap Peas, Snow Peas, and English Peas?

Many young people nowadays have never seen a pea pod, and only recognise peas if they come out of a plastic bag from the freezer. This really is a sad state of affairs as home-grown peas are unbelievably simple to grow and are of a completely different calibre to those found in the freezer aisle.

Your handy guide to growing peas

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English Peas (Garden Peas)

Douce Provence - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Almost year round sowings

Perfect for spring, summer, autumn and over-wintered protected sowings.

Early Onward - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Best for spring sowing

Heavy cropping it gives yields of 6 to 8 peas per pod with sweet tasting fine flavoured peas.

Early Oskar - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Excellent for the show bench

These large and healthy pods are often winning at exhibitions.

Half Pint - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Perfect in pots

Half Pint Pea is also known as Tom Thumb. It is a very dwarf variety, making the ideal patio companion in pots and containers as it only grows to 6-8in tall.

Hurst Green Shaft - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Heavy Cropper

Pea 'Hurst Greenshaft' is a maincrop variety that has long been one of the favourite varieties.

Kelvedon Wonder - 35 Seeds / £1.75    RHS AGM winner for quality

These peas can be sown in autumn or spring, allowing you to extend your cropping season.

Kleine Rheinländerin - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Best for small spaces

Great if you are short of space in your garden or allotment as it only grows to 60cm with a spread of 25cm.

Little Marvel - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Freezes very well

This old dependable variety is what home gardens used to count on for their peas. Excellent fresh table quality and also very good for freezing.


Starlight - 35 Seeds / £1.75    Great for warmer climes of the south

A wilt resistant maincrop variety, ideal for the warmer climates of the south

Snow Peas (Mangetout)


Sugar Snap Peas (Mangetout)



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