Onions are one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow. Not only because we use so many of them in our cuisine, but also because they are so easy to grow and store very well.

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Red Sun

Shallot 'Red Sun' is arguably the best of the red shallots. Producing good yields of crisp, white fleshed bulbs.


Golden Gourmet

RHS AGM variety Shallot 'Golden Gourmet' produces larger and better quality bulbs with reduced bolting incidence.

White Onions

Silver Moon

An early maturing variety when overwintered. Best planted in spring for harvesting late in August.



A supersweet white onion. Plant in Spring and harvest earlier than Silver Moon in June/July.

Red Onions

Piroska Red

Good Storage potential. Early harvest from July. Mild taste.


Red Baron

Late harvest in September. Best of all reds for storage, potentially until the following April. Very strong taste.


Red Karmen

The best red onion for salads owing to its lovely sweet taste.


 Yellow Onions

Centurion F1

The first F1 hybrid onion set available to the amateur grower. Does well in our varying British summers. Great for the showbench.



Does not bolt readily. Storage potential until January. Medium taste. Matures early for harvest in June.



A British bred variety, especially suited to our varying climate. Great storage potential due to it's thick skin.


Senshyu  Unavailable until August

Best planted in autumn for overwintering. Produces a reliable crop ready for harvest in July.



RHS AGM winner for its superb quality. A regular winning exhibition onion. Has the added potential to be stored all year round!



An allotment classic. Perfect for salads. Stores well until January. Harvest from July.



Another allotment classic. Excellent storage potential until March. Produces flat-globe shaped onions



RHS AGM winner for its quality. Bolt resistant with a strong taste.


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