Phaseolus vulgaris


Try a few different varieties for a long season full of fresh dwarf French beans

All of these varieties are suitable for freezing, giving you a year round French bean supply


Amethyst - 35 seeds / £2.50

Amethyst: Stringless purple pods. Has a long cropping period giving high yields.

Andante - 35 Seeds / £2.50

Andante: Lovely round-podded green beans.

Annabel - 35 Seeds / £2.00

Annabel: A very early, quick growing variety.

Cala d'Or - 25 Seeds / £2.50

Cala d'Or: Produces yellow pods. Much sweeter than the green varieties.

Canadian Wonder - 35 Seeds / £2.00

Canadian Wonder: Slighlty early and heavy cropper. Produces oval green pods. 

Castandel - 25 Seeds / £3.00

Castandel: Best for colder areas of the UK, or starting before the weather has warmed up.

Compass - 35 Seeds / £2.50

Compass: An extra fine French bean as would be seen in the "finest" range in supermarkets.

Faraday - 35 Seeds / £3.00

Faraday: A must for any keen bean grower. One of the tastiest Dwarf French Bean to become available for some time.

Ferrari - 25 Seeds / £2.50

Ferrari: As the name suggests, this is one of the fastest growing beans and can produce a crop in just 12 weeks!

Hilton - 25 Seeds / £2.50

Hilton: A fast grower but better known for its super disease resistance.

Kinghorn Wax - 35 Seeds / £2.00

Kinghorn Wax: An early cropping yellow variety with excellent resistance to Mosaic disease.

Mascotte - 35 Seeds / £2.50

Mascotte: Best for window boxes or containers - neat and bushy with a compact root system.

Masterpiece Green - 35 Seeds / £2.00 

Masterpiece Green: A long standing popular choice for bean growers. Produces reliable and consistent crops.

Maxi - 25 Seeds / £3.50

Maxi: You will get a 'Maxi' crop from this extra heavy cropping bean!

Nautica - 35 Seeds / £3.00

Nautica: A black seeded variety producing shorter pods, typically 13cm in length.

Paulista - 35 Seeds / £3.00

Paulista: Popular with our major supermarkets, so this is your bean if you're looking for familiarity. Medium-late maturing.

Polka - 35 Seeds / £2.00

Polka: Very common across eastern Europe where yellow beans are hugely popular.

Purple Teepee - 25 Seeds / £2.50

Purple Teepee: An early variety with purple pods which turn green on cooking.

Safari - 25 Seeds / £2.50

Safrai: Also known as 'Kenyan Beans' due to their origins. Late cropper.

Saxa - 35 Seeds / £2.50

Saxa: An early cropper that produces longer sized beans that are quite broad and bent

Slenderette - 35 Seeds / £2.00

Slenderette: Long dark slim almost glossy pods of outstanding flavour.

Sprite - 35 Seeds £3.00

Sprite: An excellent storer. Bred in continental Europe.

Tasman - 25 Seeds / £2.50

Tasman: Best for warmer climes as they are drought tolerant. Perfect for the lazy gardener!

Tendercrop - 50 Seeds / £2.00

Tendercrop: Fast maturing in just 12 weeks. Self fertile - keep extra seeds for next years crop.

The Prince - 35 Seeds / £2.00

The Prince: A heavy cropping flat podded bean. The go-to bean for the exhibition growers!

Wachs Beste von Allen - 35 Seeds / £2.00

Wachs Beste von Allen: An old Dutch variety approved since 1942, Wachs Beste von Allen (Best of all wax) has been a tried and tested variety for generations. Best for Salads.


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Wachs Beste von Allen - 35 Seeds