Why so many varieties? Aren't carrots just carrots?

Well yes and no, some are better for taste and some are better for winter growing. Some will mature very fast while others take ages, but they might store better.

With a million combinations of preferable qualities, we know it can be a little confusing. So we have picked some of the most popular varieties for you.

Still undecided? Get in touch and we'll be more than happy to recommend something for you.


Amsterdam Forcing 3 - 2000 Seeds / £2.00    Lift early for baby carrots

Amsterdam Carrots are one of the earliest cropping carrots as they are hardy enough to sow outside under cloches from January.


Autumn King 2 - 2000 Seeds / £2.30    Great storage potential

A popular English heirloom that is a heavy cropping, late maturing carrot producing good-sized, cylindrical, red-cored roots of extra fine quality.


Chantenay Red Cored 3 - 2000 Seeds / £2.40    Best for taste

A well known early maincrop variety with rich orange flesh and a deeper red core.

Early Nantes 2 - 2,000 Seeds / £2.40    Ideal for container growing

A heritage variety originating from Nantes in France with excellent carrot fly resistance.


Flakkee  (Flak) - 700 Seeds / £2.50    Best for poor soils

Marvellous storage quality and remains unspoilt for ages prior to pulling.



James Scarlet Intermediate - 2,000 Seeds / £2.60    A favourite for winning exhibitions

A trusted maincrop variety that has been around since 1870s, the same decade as the invention of the telephone and light bulb!

Katrin - 3,000 Seeds / £1.20    Best value

German for ‘Catherine’, Katrin in an early variety intended for the earliest cultivation under cloches from January



Marion F1 - 500 Seeds / £2.70    Can be grown year round

Produce very tender Nantes type carrots with superb flavour and are suitable for all year growing.

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